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Aroma Diffuser

Ultrasonic diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to break down the essential oils together with water into a very fine mist and disperse into the air to fills a room or an area with the natural fragrance.

Glass Nebulizing Diffuser is the most classic nebulizing diffuser which vaporates 100% undiluted essential oils without water involved. It is the most effective diffuser as it releases a much more potent vapor than the ultrasonic diffusers.  Glass nebulizing diffuser comes a glass container with a solid wood base with elegant designs. 

Portable Nebulizing Diffuser​ is a newly developed kind of nebulizing diffuser which has a rechargable battery and convenient to bring anywhere. It uses 10ml or 15ml essential oil bottles directly without need to pour out essential oils into the glass container.

Car Nebulizing Diffuser is a kind of nebulizing diffuser specially designed for car use.  They’re either portable or non-portable ( powered by usb cable). 

Hotel Nebulizing Diffuser is a type of nebulizing diffuser designed for large space scent coverage.  It directly evaporates 100% undiluted essential oils without water involved.  Some of them have programing function to enable it running automatically based on preset. 

Reed diffuser is a popular way to add constant fragrance to your home without the use of heat or flame. It delivers fragrance using a simple wick system: fragrance oil seeps up through reeds or sticks, dispersing scent into the air.

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