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The answer is Yes!  Here is the coupon code:  WELCOME5  ( Only can be used for new customer's first order)

Here is how to use it:

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Any tips of using nebulizer?

The nebulizer especially the glass nebulizer tends to require higher maintenance than any of our other options.

First, If you’re not sure how to install the glass reservoir and add the essential oil,  please follow this video. If you found adding the essential oil into the glass nebulizer is a bit tricky. can try to use a pipette.

Also, the glass nebulizer needs cleaning occasionally. I suspect I’m not the only one who has let the nebulizer stand with oils in it, allowing them to react with the oxygen in the air and get all thick and “gunky.” The best way to clean them is to add isopropyl alcohol (can get these rubbing alcohol from Guardian or Watson) to dissolve the accumulated oils, drain, and air dry. We recommend you clean residue oils promptly if you’re not planing to use it next coupon of days and do not let these oil dry inside and this will block your glass nozzle especially if it is a sticky oil like lemongrass and make it unusable. You can follow this video if not sure how.

How to maintain an ultrasonic diffuser

Cleaning the diffuser:

Before cleaning the externally exposed parts of your diffuser, always turn the power off on the product and remove plug from outlet and the diffuser. DO NOT clean the diffuser while it is plugged in to an electrical source.

  1. Unplug your diffuser so it is not connected to any electrical source and remove any batteries if applicable
  2. Remove the cover from product
  3. Add some water and a small amount neutral cleanser into the water container. Avoid harsh cleansers that could corrode the unit. A neutral cleanser is one that is gentle and has ph balance. Your typical dish soap will do. You can also use vinegar or isopropyl alcohol. Avoid harsh agents such as glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner or stronger agents such as CLR
  4. Use the cleaning foam to clean the inside of water container to remove any residual oil stain and rinse with water. Gently agitate the area around the diffuser screen
  5. When pouring out the water please pay attention to the water pouring direction. Avoid water entering the ventilation hole. If water enters the ventilation hole, try to gently shake out excess water and leave it to dry completely before trying to plug it in. Your diffuser is an electrical appliance. Avoid plugging in the unit if wet inside as it may result in damage to the unit and a shock hazard to you. Be smart and safe
  6. If you have on hand, using an alcohol wipe is also a good choice to to finish cleaning the water basin to help eliminate odor residue and reduce staining.
  7. After unit’s exterior is clean, reassemble and your unit is ready to use. Periodically, you should run a cleaning cycle.
How to maintain a Nebulizer

If you’re using the nebulizing diffuser daily,  then you should do a regular cleaning weekly.

Step 1. Add few mini-liters of rubbing alcohol( isopropyl alcohol, 70-95% purity) into the glass reservoir or glass bottle of modern nebulizer to shake, rinse and then pour out.


Can purchase the rubbing alcohol from Guardian

Step 2. Add few mini-liters of rubbing alcohol again into the glass reservoir or glass bottle

Step 3. Power the nebulizer and let it run around 10-15 minutes in order to clean the micro-tubes

Step 4. Dispense the leftover alcohol and let your diffuser air dry

What oils that are not ideal for diffusing?

That would be the really thick and goopy oils – Myrrh, Vetiver, Patchouli. They may clog up your diffuser so I would rather apply these topically instead.

Can I diffuse in a room without air-con switched on?

Yes you can. You can also have the fans on, windows closed if you like. If your windows are open, perhaps shift the diffuser away from the window.

How about diffusing for pets?

Yes it is ok too. But because your pet can’t communicate with you OR you may misread their cues, leave an escape route for them, e.g. leave the door ajar. If they don’t like it, they WILL leave the room.

Is it ok to diffuse if pregnant / baby / young child ?

Yes it is generally okay. Diffusing is one of the gentlest ways to introduce oils to a body.Though I would say monitor and watch out for any symptoms too. Anytime you don’t feel comfortable, stop diffusing. Trust your gut instinct and honour your comfort level. ?

How long should I diffuse?

You can usually diffuse as long as you want for most diffusers. I would suggest be conservative.If you want to diffuse non stop until the bottle is empty, try setting at a conservative setting first (low intensity, longer periods in between diffusing). AND DRINK MORE WATER PLEASE.When you inhale the oils, they do start cleansing you from inside and you need water to facilitate the cleansing. That could also help prevent rare but possible reactions like headaches.

Why should I pick a nebulizer and how does it work?

The nebulizing diffuser works by forcing an air current through a narrow micro-tube which increases its velocity. The pressure at the exit point of the narrow micro-tube is subsequently reduced.


Due to the difference in pressure, suction is created. Hence it causes the essential oil in an alternate micro-tube to rise up. Finally, the fast stream of pressurised air then comes into contact with the essential oil causing fine, atomized micro-particles of oil to be sprayed against the wall of the glass diffuser reservoir.
As a result, the smallest mist droplets (1.5 – 5µm) are diffused out of the top of the glass cap in a light vapor, while the larger mist droplets are returned to the bottom of the instrument to be diffused, thus forming a cycle.

Due to the fact that there is no heat involved, the original chemical structure of the essential oils are not altered or destroyed. Therefore, the essential oil molecules are able to be quickly inhaled and absorbed by the human body in their most natural, original state.

Thanks Winnie for putting this explanation together!
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