Sphere nebulizer nebulizing diffuser

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  • Silently nebulizes using the Bernoullis Principle
  • Perfect for aromatherapy in places of spa, office, meeting area etc
  • Heatless and waterless to maintain Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils.
  • Quickly saturate the air with scent. Under aircon conditions can service¬† a room of up to 80sqm (800 sq ft).
  • Has volume¬† knob to precisely control how much oil you diffuse.
  • Low energy consumption, the unit has a Usage Cycles of 5 minutes On, and 3 minute Off. Auto Shut-off after 3 hours.
  • Powered 5V USB, Low energy consumption,
  • The unit measures 17cm tall and 10 cm wide.
  • Refined and elegant hand-made wood base and custom-blown glass
  • Featuring LED mood lighting ( cannot be turned off while running)

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Weight 500 g