Tips of Using Nebulising Diffuser

Tips of Using Nebulising Diffuser

The nebulizing diffusers especially the glass nebulizing diffuser tend to require higher maintenance than any of our other options.

First, If you’re not sure how to install the glass reservoir and add the essential oil,  please follow this video. If you found adding the essential oil into the glass nebulizer is a bit tricky. can try to use a pipette.


Also, the glass nebulizer needs cleaning occasionally. I suspect I’m not the only one who has let the nebulizer stand with oils in it, allowing them to react with the oxygen in the air and get all thick and “gunky.” The best way to clean them is to add isopropyl alcohol (can get these rubbing alcohol from Guardian or Watson) to dissolve the accumulated oils, drain, and air dry. We recommend you clean residue oils promptly if you’re not planing to use it next coupon of days and do not let these oil dry inside and this will block your glass nozzle especially if it is a sticky oil like lemongrass and make it unusable. You can follow this video if not sure how.


Also, the nebulizer can not be used with the very thick, viscous oils… benzoin, vetiver, etc. They will totally clog it and won’t diffuse unless blended with other, thinner essential oils ( need to be 100% as well).  Lastly, Try to use 100% pure essential oil, Never use a carrier oil in the nebulizer, or an essential oil diluted in a carrier (These cheap free oils given by your diffuser sellers usually are) . It will not generate any aroma mist and will ruin the glass nebulizer and void the warranty.

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  1. Eddie Hamid says:

    Hi just receive my product. How does thong work? Does it come out fumes or mist? Not sure if my nebulizer is working correctly?

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