Top 3 First Aid Essential Oils

Top 3 First Aid Essential Oils

Essential oils are very effective in helping to alleviate minor aches and pains. The healing properties of plants can be utilized for several situations in and around the house. With warm weather they can assist us with insect bites, sunburn and falling asleep easier. But these oils are equally effective in helping us heal or recover from a cold or flu. In this article you will find an explanation of the benefits and possible applications* for these top 3 oils.

Lavender (lavendula angustifolia)

Lavender is one of the most popular oils because of its wonderful scent and relaxing effect. But lavender has many more, probably less known possible applications:

  • Burns: immediately apply a few drops of pure lavender on the skin (never use it near the eyes or the mucous membranes). This will take the “fire/heat” out and will assist the skin in healing more quickly. This use was discovered by accident by the Frenchman, Gattefossé, who had burned his hand in his laboratory. Pure lavender oil aided in a remarkable recovery without scars. I have personally used it several times and it works miraculously.
  • Sunburn: dilute lavender in a base carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba; this is particularly suitable for irritated skin in case of sunburn. It will soothe and promote healing of the skin.
  • Small wounds or cuts: 1 drop of lavender on the wound will disinfect and promote healing of the skin, because of its wound healing and skin repairing qualities.
  • Insect bite: 1 drop of pure lavender on the bite will ease the pain and take away the itch after an insect bite. On top of that, it helps keep insects away.
  • Headache: simply massage 1 drop of lavender oil on your temples (each side). This is both calming and soothing, and helps alleviate your headache.
  • Sleeping difficulties: diffuse lavender in the bedroom with an aroma diffuser or put a drop of lavender on a tissue next to your pillow or on your pillowcase. This will help you fall asleep and sleep through the night. You can also take a relaxing bath with lavender to help usher in a good night’s rest. Use no more than 10 drops of lavender in a full bath for an adult**.

Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea tree and lavender are some of the few oils that can be applied to the skin topically (without diluting). The refreshing scent of tea tree is quite distinct and a little camphor-like. Possible uses and applications for tea tree are amongst others:

  • Warts & foot fungus: apply 1 drop twice daily onto the specific location or use a Q-tip. Tea tree is a very strong disinfectant.
  • Sore throat & mouth problems: regularly rinse the mouth with 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil in some water. This will help fight the infection and helps numb the pain.
  • Insect bite: 1 drop of tea tree on the sore spot will help alleviate redness and itching. Repeat if needed.
  • Candida: tea tree has a strong anti-fungus effect and will help alleviate candida problems when taken in a bath. It will also have a stimulating effect when you are tired. Use no more than 10 drops of tea tree in a full bath for an adult**.

Healthy Air

This warm and spicy scent is a blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, orange and lavender. This essence contains the essential oils that are most powerful in killing germs & bacteria and in purifying the air. This is indispensable in the following cases:

  • Colds & flu: simply diffuse this oil in the living room and bedroom, and this will benefit the ‘patient’ as well as any housemates. ‘Healthy Air’ helps disinfect and purify the air. Use this special aromatherapy oil as a preventative, as well as on the spot to accelerate wellness.
  • Respiratory problems: diffuse a few drops in an aroma diffuser. This will purify the air, help support the respiratory system and help alleviate respiratory infections.
  • (Infectious) disease: diffusing this oil will stimulate the immune system and, therefore, improves the body’s ability to fight disease. This will help accelerate wellness. On top of that, it helps disinfect and purify the air from infectious diseases.

These are 3 oils that are almost indispensable in each household, providing a basic starter kit for anyone who wants to alleviate problems and ailments with essential oils.

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