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About Us

Established in 2012,  Goodmart has become the largest diffuser and aromatherapy solutions shop in Singapore.   

We carry more than 40 diffuser & nebulizer models in category and keep updating.  They are used for aromatherapy in different places and settings such as large places, living room, bedroom, toilet etc.  They vary in kinds of reed diffuser, ultrasonic diffuser, nebulizer and scent machines. 

We are directly connected to these overseas factories.  Thanks to saving a lot on rentals comparing to these stores in retailing shops,  you are able to get  exact same products with a fraction price. 

As high demand from customers in high quality pure essential oils, we cooperated with Plant Therapy to import high quality 100% pure undiluted essential oils. They’re available in singles, synergies and kidsafe synergies and received tons of positive feedbacks from our customers.  We’re working to bring more essential oil choices.  

In order meet more and more requests for high quality hotel scent from customers, we launch our hotel scent series.  Unlike to these water concentrate,  our hotel scent is pure essential oil blend with natural fragrance.  Few drops in ultrasonic diffuser can make your space smell nicely.  They can be used in nebulizer to diffuse directly as well.    We are using launching the reed diffuser hotel scent just now and they’re suitable for any reed diffuser to use.  

Thank you very much for awesome support from our customers in Singapore and worldwide,  We will continue to work hard to  improve our products line and services to serve you the best.



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