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Shangri-La scent

Fast delivery, received the product within 2 days from date of order.
Scent is great, house smells like a hotel. Thank you Goodmart!


They sent the wrong item initially but thanks to great customer service, i got a bottle of the white tea I ordered at no additional cost. Ive always enjoyed checking in to Westin during my business trips because I enjoyed the scent. Now I can have it at home!

Great Product, Fast Delivery

Product delivered in short time upon purchase and diffuser is value for money. Remote control option with ease of use.

Bamboo Diffuser

Not only is it sleek and stylish in design, the Real Bamboo Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser is also portable and easy to use. Despite only holding up to a maximum of 200ml of water, the diffuser can also last for 10 solid hours and produces a powerful mist.

Just What I Have Been Looking For!

Love this nebulizer! I have been looking for a EO nebulizer which is hassle free as I primarily want to use it in the car. No need to mess around with topping up water or EO (frequently). What I love about this nebulizer and why I chose it over the other models is due to the Car Mode feature. Just start the car and it will turn on by itself and off automatically after you parked the car and leave. It comes with a 10mL bottle, so it provides a lot of convenience as there is no need to constantly refill. The mist is on the stronger side, but frequency of the mist can be adjusted at 3 levels. Absolutely happy with my purchase!

Works but abit noisy

Works well, the controls allow u to control the usage rate of oils. To set expectation nebulizer is expected to have a higher consumption rate so have to get used to it. It is portable which makes it great for bringing around just plug to powerbank.

Only thing is the noise, the buzzing noise can be abit irritating, it is soft but still loud enough to be occasionally heard over other noises like tv.

Recommended for living room usage where the day to day noise will cover it up. Not recommended for room usage where the quietness will make the noise apparent

Muji 300ml diffuser

Fast delivery. Strong mist, everything is working fine. Good buy

Rose absolute has an aromatic strength at affordable price when compared to Rose Otto which is more premium.

Reliable and trusted

Yet to try out this one. Bought this because i’ve been using the germ destroyer and decided to try out different oils by plant therapy. Can always count on goodmart to get my essential oil fix. Bought the diffuser here too! Speedy delivery!

Go-to product

will diffuse this every night to help my two-year old sleep. it speeds up the healing process whenever she’s ill. smells good too! i love this product so much i’m down to my third bottle already 🙂

Plant Therapy Vanilla Oleoresin

Love the vanilla scent and found out the benefits from Dr. Axe portal, hence purchase it from Goodmart.

White tea Westin hotel essential oil

Sweet floral scent with a little musky fragrance. Love it!

Waterless & Wireless Nebulizer with Rechargeable Battery

Love this product. Easy to operate, hassle free, portable. Concentration in term of smell is much stronger than diffuser using the same essential oil as a comparison.

Great product, great packaging

Bought this as a spare replacement for my nebulizer. Item is of good quality, as good as I would say other more expensive brand. Shipping packaging was also very well padded to ensure the fragile item reaches in 1 piece.

Good quality

Nebulizer was packed and received in good condition. Working perfectly for about 3 weeks so far. The only drawback is that it does not have a switch to turn the light off.


Got it for my room. But I don’t think the nebulizer is as quiet as the nebulizer of other brand. But is working functionally if u are looking for cheap alternative.

Popular fragrance

Lavender has always been a universally popular fragrance. Can’t go wrong especially if meant for a gift. Uplifting refreshing and calming for all ages.

Compact and fits well

A little noisy when nebilising. Good size and portable. The effect is a little mild initially. Takes a few times of usage before the scent is more obvious.

Legit. Looks great. Good value for money.

Bought this nebuliser from Goodmart. Fantastic good quality product came nicely boxed. Quick delivery as well - reached me in 5 days. I have a Hysses nebuliser and this one from Goodmart is also pretty legit as well. Fits perfectly in my massage room with a nice little orange LED light giving a nice decent dim candle touch to the room.

Overall a great experience with!

Great product

Easy to handle, easy to clean and it looks good too. Most importantly, value for money .

Great product

As usual, speedy delivery. Product is good too. A little goes a long way. This is unscented coconut carrier oil which I use it together with pure essential oil and also it's great for hair too. Just remember to apply just a little for hair or else it will look oily. Will buy again

Fast delivery, functioning well

Bought 3 aroma diffuser, all are working perfectly.

Good for kids!

Bought this to try on my kids. I diffuse it and i rub this on them before bedtime. They love it!

Good for diminishing cigarette smell!

My husband smokes - this helps to clear the air and it smells good!

Easy to use

I bought 2 diffusers to try out and i think i will repurchase for my other rooms as it’s so easy to use!