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Goodmart Reviews

10,000+ customers are using Goodmart to make their homes smell great. See what they have to say! 

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Not bad

Tried it and it's decent. I can't say it's the best but it's affordable enough for diffusing daily.

It works well

This is a good diffuser that works in my living room. Great that it shuts off by itself after some hours.

Amazing Products

I have been on the hunt for the perfect travel diffuser and have gone through several. Mostly water based. Never liked Nebulozers much because they’re so noisy! Thanks to Goodmart, I have now found the perfect one for travel, home and my car! Along with amazing scents including some that bring back fond memories of travel at some of my favourite hotels! Thank you for such a handsome array of products and scents! Officially a fan!!!


Great smell to start with


Nice citrus scent

Orange Sweet

Nice Citrus scent.


Refreshing and citrus scent.

Plant Therapy Grapefruit

Refreshing & relaxing

Citrus Refresh Synergy 

Refreshingly . Help clear mind .

Eucalyptus oil 100%

The aroma is refreshing and it lifts your mood

Car diffuser

Like how the car smells so nice, good product.

Simply outstanding!

Very good transaction and excellent product. Super potent oil. Thank you.

Portable nebuliser

Compact nebuliser ideal for travel!!

White tea scent.

Not as strong as compared to Shangri-La or Ritz-Carlton

Love it!!

We love the smell n the mint sensation...

Plant Therapy Fractionated coconut oil

Sam was quick to respond to email queries. Item arrived next day after placing orders!
Item was nicely packed and good product. Adsorbs fairly quickly, no oily/ sticky feel after application.

7 bought

We have 7 of these at home. It is effective and design is appealing. Only drawback is that the top of the outer glass cover collects dust after a week, but this is not a big issue, since the unit needs to be cleaned out anyway every week.

Excellent diffuser

It’s great that this one has a longer duration before auto switch off, compared to other diffusers on the market. Design is simple — a big yes for us. Will be getting another two.

Trusted brand

Good quality essential oil. Works well with nebulizers and diffusers — doesn’t clog.

Good quality oil

Good quality essential oil. Works well with nebulizers and diffusers.

Quiet and efficient

Like it that it is so quiet and the LED colour can be switched off (a big plus).

30ml amber glass bottles

Good quality product. Will buy again.

Fresh and fruity

Good quality, refreshing



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