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Great Frangrance

Really nice orangee frangrance ... like in a room filled with fresh oranges.


its rather noisy, esp in bedroom setting.
otherwise working well.

mild and refreshing scent

bought this white tea reed diffuser scent. scent is on the mild but yet refreshing side.

effective diffuser and scent

reed diffuser works well at a reasonable price. scent bought was shangri la and scent makes room smell like a hotel lobby. shangri la scent might be a little strong after scent has taken effect.


Bought Rosemary to use on the hair while shampooing. Smell wonderful!

Same scent

This is my 2nd purchase for lavender. The homebrand smells the same as Plant Therapy Lavender.

Great value

Hope Goodmart will bring in more 100ml Plant Therapy Organic Oil selections.

Great price point

Divine smell at a great price. Healthy too!

Pretty and compact

Diffuses well but still prefer the other nebulizer which can use the 15ml bottle. Noise level is very low.

Very convenient and diffuses well

Using this in the car and it is very convenient. I could just stick my normal 15ml bottle in it and it was good to go.

Works well

The timer is pretty easy to set up and it diffuses well. There is slight noise when it diffuses. Wish that there is an option to dim the display as it is very bright at night in the room, ended up needing to stick a piece of paper over to cover it up. Overall, happy with it.

Great value for 100ml

Hope Goodmart will bring in more 100ml Plant Therapy Organic Oil selections.

Good quality. Worth it.

Excellent. Good quality oil

Serves its purpose

Would be good if it comes with a dropper as well.

Great Oil

Non-greasy and non-scented. Works great as carrier oil for my sensitive skin.

Absolute Good Deal

So happy to received my purchased. All 6 of these essential oils scent are very pure and it smells very great. I am happy with my purchased.

Essential Oils Samples of Goodmart Essence - Eucalyptus

Bought it to give to my friend and she likes it a lot. It helps to relieve her congested nose.

300ml Muji Style Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Delivery is very prompt. This diffuser is good to use and my family members love it.


Fast delivery. Prompt replies.

Peppermint Essential Oil

very good quality peppermint essential oil that is pure and easily absorbed by skin.

Nice scent but evaporates fast

Delivery was fast and I really like the smell. However, my first 120ml ($20) finished evaporating in 12 days (3rd-14th July) in an enclosed small bedroom, that's pretty quick. I'm now on my second 120ml - let's see how fast this goes before I decide whether or not to make my next purchase.

Macau Galaxy

Excellent product. Fast and convenient shipping. It is a little difficult to dose in a small space to achieve such a delicate aroma as I was at the hotel, I think need to start with a minimum dose and sometimes add to the diffuser as it works.


Been using EO for some years. Tried few types of Brand. First time trying plant therapy and loving it. Can tell it’s a pure Eo and love the blends! Goodmart has very gd service too.
I diffuse sniffle stopper and loves it.



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