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Amazing Nebulizer

Stylish. Doesn't take up space. Improves house deco. Most importantly powerful enough for big area

Great Scent

Very nice mixed fragrance

Amazing Nebulizer

Really Good. Easy to maintain too

Wonderful Scent

Sweet Fresh scent. Very good

500ml Muji Style Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

The diffuser works as described. Customer service is excellent. Am super happy with the purchase and will definitely be back for more products.

One of the Top EO brand in the world

Had been using YL in the past and came across Plant Therapy, fell in love with it instantly!
Quality of peppermint oil is pure and refreshing! Delivered within 2 days. Good value for money! Recommended seller!

Great service!!

Made a blunder in my registration but goodmart professionalism amended wat needed to and saved the day!! 2 thumbs up!
White tea is truly an amazing soothing scent!!
Love, love, love it!!
Thanks goodmart! 😘

Great Product

Very nice product, good quality. Quick delivery! Convenient with the remote. Serves as night light too!

Wonderful Scent!

First time buying hotel scent. Unique smell and makes for better mood. Will try the Westin next!

Good buy!

Useful to have in the room when you need to lift your spirit immediately Noiseless and Easy to use. Run for long hours at 2 different modes. You can set your preferred LED colors or let it change colors. Will use frequently!

Hope it can be cheaper in selling price

More like a genuine stuff. Alcohol content low; will not evaporate fast as compared to other brands.
Smell good especially for the first 10 days.......
But price a bit steep as compared to Mt. Sapola retail price cost almost the same.


nice and pleasant smell not only for kids but also adults ; )

Beautiful scent

I got this as a sample from Goodmart along with the other oils I purchased. Surprisingly, this Sheraton scent is really nice and with just a few drops, it can just brings out the scent. Definitely, this is also another nice scent along with the other 2 popular ones.

Wonderful scent

Value for money and smells very lavenderly

Wonderful scent

When you smells good, you feel good!

Simplicity at its best

Fits perfectly in the car's cup holder and sleeking cool

Lovely Design & Superb Quality

Really lovely design. The woodgrain look is even nicer than the pictures online and this little unit works perfectly. Really happy with the design, beautiful lighting accents and ease of use. Superb product!

Strong and good

It’s a very strong smell. Maybe it’s my first time using it. But love it. Does it’s job. Make me go to sleep quickly. Just a couple of days using it. If strong smell is not what u are after for a good sleep. Try their lavender oil. Smell is lesser concentrated. Used it with their nebulizer

Quiet and elegant

Nice elegant looking product to suit living room or bedrooms. Very quiet. Never compared the sound with other nebulizers. But I like how it does it job without taking up space. Strong enough to cover my entire house. 4room hdb flat. Happy to buy this product.

Fantastic Nebulizer

My first nebulizer and am very glad got it from here. Item was bigger than expected but works flawlessly. Practically silent at low to medium speed, slight buzz at max. Lovely colour changing light is soooo soothing. Overall, very pleased with the product. Price is fair compared to brands like Hysses. Wish they have a smaller version of this for travelling/car, would definitely purchase.


Completely unscented! I was worried it will have a strong coconut smell. Great for my dry skin.

Very nice

very nice strong uplifting citrus scent!


Mist spray not strong even with full control. Noisy so use it before we falls asleep.

I have used it tester bottle and I LOVE IT. Beautiful essence