Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-Ylang essential oil is extracted from fresh flowers and distilled. The color of ylang-ylang oil is from colorless to yellow, and the scent is very mellow and sweet, with an exotic flavor. In the process of steam distillation, the quality of the first oil that flows out is the best, also known as “Ylang Ylang […]


Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils used in the world because of its numerous benefits for the body and mind. Many cultures throughout history have incorporated Lavender into their lifestyles, including the ancient Egyptians who used it as a perfume and as part of their religious ceremonies and the mummification process. Reports claim […]

10 Essential Oils to Help You Assemble a Natural First-aid Kit

We all know about the everyday power of scent: how a particular perfume reminds you of your mother, or when the smell of your favourite restaurant brings you back to your first date there. But did you know that some scents can actually improve your health? Essential oils can also help you relax or sleep, […]

4 Simple Steps To Clean Nebulizing Diffuser


4 Simple Steps To Clean Nebulizing Diffuser If you’re using the nebulizing diffuser daily,  then you should do a regular cleaning weekly. Step 1. Add few mini-liters of rubbing alcohol( isopropyl alcohol, 70-95% purity) into the glass reservoir or glass bottle of modern nebulizers to shake, rinse and then pour out. Can purchase the rubbing alcohol […]

How to maintain an ultrasonic diffuser

Cleaning the diffuser: Before cleaning the externally exposed parts of your diffuser, always turn the power off on the product and remove plug from outlet and the diffuser. DO NOT clean the diffuser while it is plugged in to an electrical source. Unplug your diffuser so it is not connected to any electrical source and […]

6 Tips of a Better Sleep

Eat Well and Maintain a Healthy Exercise Routine – Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise keeps our weight in check, but it also helps with sleep. Eating high carbohydrate foods floods the muscles with glucose, causing involuntary muscle movements during sleep, which disrupts rest. Exercising too close to bedtime ramps up metabolism and […]

FAQ – Diffusing Essential Oil

Why diffuse? Isn’t it just a nice smell? Nooooo~! Actually if you pick the right diffuser and use awesome oils, diffusing can bring about so many benefits.It can support your respiratory health, immunity, emotions and the list goes on. Tidbit! Do you know that emotional memories and trauma (eh even getting scolded by Mom when young […]

Tips of Using Nebulising Diffuser

Tips of Using Nebulising Diffuser The nebulizing diffusers especially the glass nebulizing diffuser tend to require higher maintenance than any of our other options. First, If you’re not sure how to install the glass reservoir and add the essential oil,  please follow this video. If you found adding the essential oil into the glass nebulizer is […]