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Learn About Essential Oils

Essential oil is a volatile compound extracted from plants and the oil captures the plant’s scent and essence. Unique aromatic compound gives each essential oil its characteristic essence.  Here you learn about  how oils are produced, essential oil safety, and common methods of use. You’ll explore different ways they can be used to support physical and emotional well-being.


6 Essential Oils to Kill Virus

Who doesn’t want to rid their home of infectious bacteria and viruses especially in current special situation? Many people purchase chemical-laced cleaners to try, but in doing so they may be doing more harm than good. Instead, you can eliminate bacteria and viruses with natural essential oils. These antiviral essential oils can help lift you …

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Three Must-Have Essential oils for Women

Rose essential oil Rose essential oil can regulate women’s endocrine, nourish the uterus, alleviate dysmenorrhea, improve sexual apathy and menopause discomfort. In particular, it has a very good skin care effect and functions from inside to outside! It dilutes spots, promote melanin decomposition, improve skin dryness, and restore skin elasticity. It is an aromatic essential oil …

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