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3 Essential Oil Recipes for Skin Whitening

3 Essential Oil Recipes for Skin Whitening

Since ancient times, fair skin has been one of the beautiful features. Do you know how to use essential oil to whiten skin and lighten dark spots?

Rose essential oil

According to Chinese medical theory, the real cause of skin dark spots is the loss of qi and blood. The liver is mainly qi and blood, and rose essential oil has the effect of nourishing the liver, which is indispensable in whitening skin care. You can add neroli essential oil to brighten spots with rose essential oil.


In 5ml of carrier oil, add 2 drops of rose essential oil and 1 drop of Roman chamomile essential oil. After washing your face at night, drop the prepared massage oil on the palm of your hand and massage the face.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, quinic acid, citric acid and other elements. Lemon essential oil is a good hand for whitening, which can make skin fair again.


Add 3 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 drop of frankincense essential oil, and 1 drop of ylang ylang essential oil into 10ml of carrier oil. Massage the skin after mixing.


  1. Lemon essential oil has photosensitivity, so it is not suitable for use during the day.
  2. The best time to use lemon essential oil for whitening and spotting is half an hour before bedtime to let the skin complete the magical transformation of whitening in the dark.

Freckle Removal Recipe:

Freckles is small dark brown spots on the face. It appears as Light brown or dark brown spotted pigmentation spots. It is an autosomal dominant hereditary disease. Sun exposure can induce and aggravate skin lesions.


Carrier oil 20ml + sandalwood essential oil 2 drops + geranium essential oil 2 drops + grapefruit essential oil 3 drops, after mixing, used to massage freckles on both cheeks.


Direct exposure to sun light should be avoided or reduced as much as possible, or apply sunscreen to reduce freckles.

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