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Bergamot -An useful essential oil to Women

Bergamot -An useful essential oil to Women

Bergamot scent is fresh and elegant, similar to the taste of oranges and lemons, and slightly floral. It integrates the rich scent of fruit and flowers and it is one of the most commonly used essential oils.

Benefits of bergamot essential oil

1. Improve oily skin and acne skin

Method 1: Drop 3 to 5 drops of bergamot essential oil in 30mL of lavender fragrance water and spray it on the acne-prone skin area to purify the skin, reduce inflammation and converge, and help acne wound healing.

Method 2: Put a drop of bergamot essential oil in the face wash every night when you wash your face. It helps to purify oily skin, tighten pores, and is fragrant and comfortable.

2. Aromatherapy bath

Add a drop of bergamot essential oil to the shower gel when bathing in summer, which can expel sweat or other odors, making bathing a relaxing and relaxing stress enjoyment.

3. Improve the home environment

The bactericidal effect of bergamot and its wonderful aroma can improve the home environment through fumigation. Add 5 drops of essential oil into the aroma diffuser in the room or using a nebulizer to let the aroma molecules of bergamot slowly release and diffuse in the air.

4. For gynecological vaginal itching

Method one: Place 1 to 2 drops of bergamot essential oil in warm water and Sit bath for 15 minutes every night for 1 week. It can be used as an antibacterial treatment for female vaginal itching.

Method 2: Add 1 drop of bergamot essential oil to the shower gel to clean the genitals. It has the functions of sterilization, itching and deodorization.
Effects of bergamot essential oil

5. Nervous System (Aromatherapy)

It has a strengthening effect. One of the three major functions is to treat depression and anxiety, soothe anger, and improve women’s inner anxiety. Like nerve fatigue, neurological insomnia, and stress, it can relieve stress. But bergamot is not an essential oil for excitement, it can invigorate and relax.

6. Digestive system (massage)

Excellent gastrointestinal antibacterial agents are effective for general digestive problems like hiccups and indigestion. The best is the function of adjusting the diet, whether it is effective for anorexia and bulimia. Bergamot essential oil may directly affect the appetite control center in the brain, or indirectly change the behavior of anorexia and bulimia by reducing stress. It is used to treat gastroenteritis and sore throat. Itching in female vagina, anti-infection, antibacterial, and can also improve skin burns caused by sun exposure.

Application of bergamot in aromatherapy

  1. Because bergamot essential oil has an excellent antibacterial effect, it has a good effect on facial acne and pimples. If you add bergamot to the facial oil used in the evening, acne will no longer find you.
  2. When you spread fragrance in the room, you can also choose bergamot, not just because of its fresh smell. Its bactericidal effect is no less than that of lavender, which can fight against dust mites in the room. It can not only make people feel relaxed and happy, but also have the effect of purifying the air and preventing the spread of viruses.
  3. The scent of bergamot is also scented in your small wooden bottle, plus geranium and lavender are the most fascinating scent. It can help you restore confidence, keep calm and boost your spirit when you are frustrated at work.
  4. When there is an imbalance in appetite, you can rely on bergamot to solve it. You can diffuse the air through aromatherapy and heating to help you return to normal.
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