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7 Advantages of Using Diffuser

How Does Ultrasonic Diffuser Work


An ultrasonic diffuser is an electronic diffuser which disperses Essential Oils into the air. Diffusers work by breaking the Essential Oil particles down into micro-molecules & then diffusing them into the air as negative ions. Negatively charged ions will attach themselves to harmful positively charged particles in the air & help to purify your home.

Typically, ultrasonic diffusers are filled with water & Essential Oils are then added to the water where they remain on the water’s surface. It’s important to note, the amount of Essential Oils you add to your diffuser will depend upon the size of your diffuser. Usually 4-5 drops should be fine.

Ultrasonic diffusers work by using ultrasonic vibrations. Ultrasonic vibrations are sound waves which vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency, which is a frequency the human ear cannot typically detect. These ultrasonic sound waves agitate the water causing the separation of the water particles. When the water particles are separated, they become negatively charged particles which are lighter than the air. This is the visible “mist” that you see when you use a diffuser.

Essential Oils are released into the air with these negative ions. Once released into the air, the Essential Oils work to purify the air thanks to their antibacterial properties & improve your health & state of mind as you inhale their healing aroma. Meanwhile, the negative ions bond with positively charged free radicals in the air & clean your space while adding a small amount of moisture along with the fresh scent of whichever Essential Oil you’ve chosen..

When using Essential Oils in your Ultrasonic Diffuser, the oil’s particles are dispersed into the air along with the water leaving your space smelling fresh. This is also how you will benefit from the Essential Oil’s therapeutic properties.


Ultrasonics are a great way to use Essential Oils in your space without doing what we experts call denaturing the Essential Oils. Denaturing basically means that you are applying some outside element to the oil & changing its chemical composition. An example of what we mean is a candle diffuser. Candle diffusers apply heat to your Essential Oil which essentially cooks the oil. When an Essential Oil is cooked, the aroma changes & the therapeutic benefits of the oil is lost.


To ensure your diffuser lasts for a long, long time you’re going to want to clean it regularly. Here at The Essential Life, we recommend cleaning your diffuser between each use. Regular cleaning will not only prevent buildup in the diffusers vibration mechanism, it will also ensure that each time you diffuse Essential Oils in your home, you’re diffusing the pure aroma of the oils your added without diluting them with residual odour from previously diffused oils.

To clean your diffuser, we recommend mixing one equal parts water & rubbing alcohol into spray bottle. Once you’ve mixed these two ingredients together, spritz the inside of your diffuser with the mixture & wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Use a q-tip to gentle clean around the diffuser’s mechanism. As you clean the inside of your diffuser, be careful to be very gentle. It is possible to crack the bowl of your diffuser & this will render it useless as the water will leak out & damage the diffuser as well as whatever surface you have your diffuser sitting on.


The ultrasonic diffuser that is best for you will depend upon the space you’d like to use it in. When it comes to purchasing a diffuser, ask the retailer about how much space the diffuser will scent. Another feature to carefully consider is the diffuser’s running time. Do you want your diffuser to run for 12 hours? Or just 2? This is a completely personal preference & will depend upon how you want to use your diffuser.

Other features you will want to consider when choosing the diffuser that is right for you include: sound, lights, & materials used in the diffuser. Some diffusers will play music, or beep when they turn off. If you’re using your diffuser in a bedroom, diffusers which make noise might not be desirable. Other diffusers have built in lights. All of the diffusers that I have in my home have a light-up option. In choosing the diffusers I have in my home, I was careful to ensure that each one had the option to turn off ALL lights. One of the things I would advise you to be careful of is, if you are using the diffuser in the bedroom of someone who is sensitive to light while they’re sleeping, a diffuser with an on/off light will not be ideal.

Lastly, most diffusers are made from high-quality & durable plastic. Some are made from a thinner plastic which does not stand-up to the power of Essential Oils.

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