Jade Vase Nebulizing Diffuser W/ Touch Sensor

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Jade Vase Nebulizing Diffuser W/ Touch Sensor
Jade Vase Nebulizing Diffuser W/ Touch Sensor $59.90 SGD
  • EASY TO USE: In only a few simple steps, easy instructions to assemble and insert the glass nebulizer into the base, add a minimum of 10 drops of an oil of your choosing, place the glass spray nozzle on top, plug in, touch the start button and voila! Instant cool mist with soft, subtle aromas. You can add up to 30 ml of your favorite pure oil without the use of water. BE AWARE that nebulizers in general don’t work well with ‘thick’ viscous oils, preferably use a steam extracted oil.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Best to use high quality thin essential oils that are pure and natural and don’t leave a residue. If you have used an oil that has left an unevaporated sludge than use some apple vinegar to clean; rinse with water with some baking soda. Don’t try to clean the inside of the glass with a brush or similar to avoid damage of the very delicate spay nozzle in the bottom of the glass.
  • THE CONCENTRATION of the scent can be selected with a touch of a button; there are 3 different choices. 2 Hrs Medium concentration; 2 Hrs High concentration or 4 Hrs Low concentration; the last being perfect for work spaces, healthcare facilities or during a good night sleep. The unit is tuned to have a LOWER OIL CONSUMPTION than most competitors and because it does not use water it will only produce a very small plume of vapour.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN & WORKING PRINCIPLE: The diffuser uses a whisper-quiet long-lasting air pump that blows air over a glass suction tube that is submerged in the oil reservoir, the air-flow will atomize the essential oil and spreads it into millions of micro-particles released to the air in the room like a perfume atomizer. The mist and light buttons are touch only; just swipe finger over the indicated area to operate the device. The essential oil diffuser does not use batteries and can be connected
  • BREATHTAKING BEAUTY AND SIMPLICITY: Flaunting a stylish, glass and wood, elegantly shaped and abstract design, our oil diffuser provides a sleek, modern addition to any decor. No Plastic components that come into contact with the essential oil. Moderate white LED light that can be utilized, dimmed in two positions or off, there are no disturbing colour changing ‘light-shows’ that cause distraction. Elevate the aesthetics of any room to new, extraordinary heights.
  • LED ambient light:  Bright, Dimmed, Off

Customer Reviews

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Terrence Mah
Jade Vase Nebulizing Diffuser W/ Touch Sensor

A good buy for this Nebulizer, it was working good and was quite quiet, worth buying! Will purchase again for my office use! Also delivery was very fast, recieved the product 1 day after my purchase.

Yvonne Lim
Jade vase nebuliser

Was working fine for about 4 weeks and the motor decided to stop working. Supposed to run for 5 hrs, however after like 30min, it stops by itself. Have emailed Goodmart and hope they will reply ASAP.

Loud noise

The first 2 weeks the machine worked well, but for some reason it gradually got noisier. And now makes a loud vibration noise when used. I have emailed Goodmart and hope to get a response soon.

Choo Stephanie

Been using it for almost 6 months and it's been working well.

teo chin eng
Elegant classic jade vase

Very beautiful DESIGN,act as a display, good quality and very easy to use