CS9 Portable Rechargable Waterless Car Nebulizer


  • Newly Developed Model.
  • Very Convenient to carry to use in any places such as living room bedroom, office and car etc with coverage 20-40 sqm in air-con space
  • Powerful mist but with Lowest noise:Quiest model in portable nebulizers
  • Long battery lasting  72H, 16H,8H for 3 Mist mode respectively
  • Very Durable and solid design with Least maintenance Required ( It has very low chance to be clogged by oils)
  • 3 Mist mode:  ( 1st 15 sec on – 165 sec off/ 2nd 60 sec on- 120 sec off / 3rd 120 sec on – 60 sec off)
  • Timer :  1H, 2H, 3H and Continous on till power runs out
  • Memorized Settings after power off
  • Many suitable essential oil bottle size: 5ml, 10ml ,15ml and 20ml
  • Compact Size:  68mm(D) x 108mm (H)
  • Oil Consumption: 0.15/0.6/1.2ml per hour for 3 Mist mode respectively
  • 5 Colors available

Customer Reviews

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CS9 Portable Rechargable Waterless Car Nebulizer

Small and compact design with Simple button operation  that is absolutely wireless & rechargeable. You can take it anywhere you go, on a trip, in the car, to your yoga class etc . I must however highlight the company excellent customer service . The unit came with defective lid, so I contacted the company and their rep named Sam immediately responded by walking me thru the process and when it failed , he immediately arranged for pick up and sent me a new replacement- all done within 3 days . Thank you


it was delivered promptly and the item is good. I like it and highly recommend

Exquisite CS9 Car Nebulizer

Love this simple, fashionable and elegant cylinder shape of nebulizer. Rose gold colour is just gorgeous! Its portable design is easy and convenient to carry around. It also disperses the scent very quickly. Use only 100% pure essential oil and the room will fill with fantastic pure aroma! This device has received a lot of compliments indeed. I’m happy with my purchase.

Silicone plug to remove essential oil bottle nozzle

I dont like this fiddly method using a silicone plug thing to remove the nozzle that connects with the essential oil bottle. I like the other ones which has an easy pop-out method. Other than that- delivery was fast, prices on the high end compared to similar/ same product from other online sites.

Hi, You can refer to the video on the product page. Just use your finger to block the hole while it's running. nozzle will pop up easily. thank you.
CS9 Portable Rechargable Waterless Car Nebulizer

It is very convenient and so far the best Nebulizer i have purchased.