MK8 Ceramic & Solid Wood Nebulizing Diffuser Nebulizer

#2 Best Seller in Glass Nebulizer


  • Designed in Italy, made of beech wood and handmade ceramic.
  • Waterless and using no heat
  • Adjustable mist level and functions on a cycle of 1 min ON and 2 min OFF. Stop automatically after 2 hours
  • Quiet running
  • Features a LED ambient light and a separate LED light control for the meditation mode.
  • The LED light is can be switched fully on, on breathing mode, or on sleep mode (light off).
  • Size is 6.3 X 3.9 Inch ( 163 mm x 103 mm)
  • Power: 100-240V, 15 V 0.5 A ( 2 pin adapter included )
  • Ouput power: 7.5W
  • Selling on Amazon at S$139 ( 30% cheaper)

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Customer Reviews

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Good buy

Simple nice design. One of the glass covers for the nebulizer chamber did not fit as well. Also a bit fragile. But it works well — light is calming.

Good buy!

MK8 Ceramic Nebulizer is quiet and good for bedroom use. Liked the feature of auto cutoff after 2 hrs.

Elegant and functional

The nebulizer works per promised and diffuses well. The intensity knob though doesn’t have an on/off indicator, the diffusing sound helps in this aspect. What I actually like most turns out to be the light function. Because of the white ceramic cover, the light emitted is gentle but yet bright enough in a dark room. It’s good for meditation, yoga and a leave-on light when a family member is home late. The light comes in three modes - bright, candle light and dim, and it can be turned off when using the nebulizer during sleep. Highly recommended for user who wants a elegant and functional nebulizer.

Nebulizer diffuser

I like it a lot. Buying from Goodmart was swift and simple. Really like the scent and product. Will purchase again!

MK8 ceramic diffuser nebulizer

I like the design but I could not feel the control of the knob when I turned it clockwise so I could not know how much intensity I have turned it, and when I turned it anti-clockwise I could not know if it’s turned off or not. I had to see the intensity physically to know how much I had turned it clockwise or anti-clockwise.



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