MK8 Ceramic & Solid Wood Nebulizing Diffuser Nebulizer

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Power adapter(Input): 100-240V-50Hz

Power adapter(Output): 15V/0.5A

Output power: 7.5W

Diffusing Function duration: 2 hours-1 min ON/2min OFF

Diffusing space: 20-25m2

Accessories: Instruction Manual + Power Adapter + Glass Oil Tank

Using Instruction:


– Switch ON and adapt mist level, turn the button clockwise

– Switch OFF and adapt mist level, turn the button anti-clockwise

LED Light:

– 1st click: Brighter light

– 2nd click: Weaker light

– 3rd click: Breathing light

– 4th click: Turn off light

Additional information

Weight 1 g

Customer Reviews

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Bobby Lu
Glass reservoir too fragile

The glass reservoir is very fragile and brittle.
Can I just purchase the glass reservoir if it is broken instead of having to buy a new set again?

Jeremy Tang
Issues with pump and mist output

I noticed the mist flow wasn't dispensing too well and 'flowing' to the side almost immediately after dispensing from the outlet. The round knob was turned clockwise for a few rounds and the flow improved slightly but it was clear the dispersion is not going too well. After using for the last several days, the pump finally gave up today and there is barely any mist now even with further turning of the knob. On the up side, the LEDs are working fine but it is quite disappointing to only use the diffuser for barely a week.

Great item

This is great. Put it on full blast for maximum effect

Johnny Wang
Not entirely satisfied

The item doesn't seem to be working properly. Mist produced is very mild. I can hardly smell anything.

Please rotate the knob to a few rounds to increase the intensity. thank you.


I used it with lavender oil to help me relax and sleep better. The scent is lighter than expected, and I’d prefer a stronger one. I agree with some users that I can’t figure out the intensity using the knob. Is it true that the more close-wise, the stronger the intensity?