MK8 Ceramic & Solid Wood Nebulizing Diffuser Nebulizer

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  • Designed in Italy, made of beech wood and handmade ceramic.
  • Waterless and using no heat
  • Adjustable mist level and functions on a cycle of 1 min ON and 2 min OFF. Stop automatically after 2 hours
  • Quiet running
  • Features a LED ambient light and a separate LED light control for the meditation mode.
  • The LED light is can be switched fully on, on breathing mode, or on sleep mode (light off).
  • Size is 6.3 X 3.9 Inch ( 163 mm x 103 mm)
  • Power: 100-240V, 15 V 0.5 A ( 2 pin adapter included )
  • Ouput power: 7.5W
  • Selling on Amazon at S$139 ( 30% cheaper)

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Customer Reviews

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I used it with lavender oil to help me relax and sleep better. The scent is lighter than expected, and I’d prefer a stronger one. I agree with some users that I can’t figure out the intensity using the knob. Is it true that the more close-wise, the stronger the intensity?

7 bought

We have 7 of these at home. It is effective and design is appealing. Only drawback is that the top of the outer glass cover collects dust after a week, but this is not a big issue, since the unit needs to be cleaned out anyway every week.

Good buy

Simple nice design. One of the glass covers for the nebulizer chamber did not fit as well. Also a bit fragile. But it works well — light is calming.

Good buy!

MK8 Ceramic Nebulizer is quiet and good for bedroom use. Liked the feature of auto cutoff after 2 hrs.

Elegant and functional

The nebulizer works per promised and diffuses well. The intensity knob though doesn’t have an on/off indicator, the diffusing sound helps in this aspect. What I actually like most turns out to be the light function. Because of the white ceramic cover, the light emitted is gentle but yet bright enough in a dark room. It’s good for meditation, yoga and a leave-on light when a family member is home late. The light comes in three modes - bright, candle light and dim, and it can be turned off when using the nebulizer during sleep. Highly recommended for user who wants a elegant and functional nebulizer.



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