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Tricks to Save Money from Frequently Changing Diffusers

Tricks to Save Money from Frequently Changing Diffusers

You may have been using your essential oil diffusers for a while now.  They may need deep cleaning that doesn’t take much time to do but needs to be done from time to time for the best efficiency dispersing the mist into the air. Bacteria and microbes lurk inside the unit and you want to breathe in the clean mist with your essential oils. Use the methods below for cleaning to keep your diffuser in top-notch condition removing all the residue.

Know which types of essential oil diffusers are you using? 

Ultrasonic Diffuser works in this way:  You add the oil into the water and through ultrasonic vibrations, it agitates the water causing it to turn into a fine mist which releases into the air. The combination of water and oil adds a bit of moisture to the air and doubles as a humidifier.


Nebulizing diffuser, on the other hand, doesn’t need water or heat to work. It uses an atomizer of compressed air to turn the oil directly into a mist. This makes it much more potent than a diffuser as it doesn’t modify the chemical composition of the oils. Not using water also means it releases no moisture into the air so that it won’t humidify it.

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6 Simple Steps To Clean Your Ultrasonic Diffuser

Unplug your cable from the diffuser1. Unplug your cable from the diffuser so you will not be shocked. Water and electricity do not go together! Be safe, not electrocuted! It’s a good idea to unplug the power cord from the wall outlet as well.
Empty out any existing oil and water2. Empty out any existing oil and/or water. Fill the diffuser half full of water but never over the max line.
The vinegar3. To remove the residual oils from the diffuser’s glass or plastic, add up to 10 drops of clear distilled vinegar and let the diffuser run for 5- to 10-minutes. The vinegar will go through the tubes that send out the mist to clean the oils off as well. It doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as it’s not the dark apple cider vinegar.
Drain out the vinegar and water4. Drain out the vinegar and water. If you do not want the vinegar smell lingering, fill it to the max line with water and run another 10-minutes to rinse well.
cotton swab5. Use a cotton swab to thoroughly clean corners and nooks to remove any remaining oil stuck on. If your diffuser has a round sensor disc with a retaining ring in the middle bottom of an ultrasonic diffuser, clean it gently with a cotton swab and not the brush that can come with the unit. Never immerse the diffuser in water and never soak any top in liquids.
cotton cloth6. Air dry or use a cotton cloth, not paper towels that break off and stick to parts. Can also use a hair blow dryer but not too close to the diffuser

4 Tips To Use Your Ultrasonic Diffuser

Tip #1: Use a low-mineral water
We recommends using distilled water when diffusing if possible. That’s because regular water can leave a mineral residue, which can eventually interfere with its functionality.

Tip #2: Experiment with amounts
In our experience and with talking with lots of people who use oils regularly, 4-6 drops is plenty. Some like to use even less than that. Play with the amount of oil you use and find what works best for you.

Tip #3: Mix your oils well
Of course you can diffuse single oils. And you can combine single oils. You can even combine a single essential oil with an oil blend. Think about which scents would go nicely together. The combinations are endless!  But, mixing 2 oil blends together us not recommended, as all those mixed oils can result in some funky smells and reactions.

Tip #4: Fill it halfway
Also, if you’re anything like me, you like to diffuse one oil in the morning, like Lemon or Awaken and different ones in the afternoon. If that’s the case, you might want to fill your diffuser only halfway and add just a few drops of your morning oil. That way you’ll go through all of the water and oil your diffuser and you can start fresh in the afternoon without wasting any oils. If you fill your diffuser, make sure your water doesn’t go over the max line.  Btw, much more water will also slightly reduce the mist strength.

4 Simple Steps To Clean Nebulizing Diffuser

If you’re using the nebulizing diffuser daily,  then you should do a regular cleaning weekly.

Step 1. Use the dropper to add few mini-litres of plain rubbing alcohol(70-95% purity) into the glass reservoir

Step 2. Power the nebulizing diffuser and let it run around 10 minutes in order to clean the micro-tubes

Step 3. Dispense the leftover alcohol and let your diffuser air dry

Step 4. Once it is dry, the cleaning is done.

Here is video instructions to use a nebulizer:

Here is video instructions to clean a nebulizer:

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