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What is Water Based Essential Oil

What is Water Based Essential Oil

As we know, essential oil is the essence of a plant via steam distillation or cold compression etc. As the oil is known hydrophobic, they don’t dissolve in water. However there are a lot of so called “water based “essential oils there in the market with attractive prices. You may be wondering what are these ‘water based’ essential oils and how they’re made.

To make essential oils soluable in water, some chemistry is need to alter their properties by using additives. These additives can reduce viscosity and surface tension of the essential oils. Most of them use alcohol to improve the water solubility while some use other synthesized emulsifiers. All of these are synthetic stuff.

As essential oils content need to very low due to solubility up-limit of additives, most ‘water soluble essential oils’ usually need to add synthetic essence to enhance the scent. Few of them may even use synthetic essence alone to make these ‘water based essential oils’ . This is reason you may find them in big bottles with low prices. These ‘water soluble essential oils’ are smartly called ‘natural extracts from plants’ in the market.

Now you may have an idea of what are ‘water soluble’ essential oils and what they’re made. This is reason we strongly recommend to use only 100% pure essential oils to enjoy aromatherapy as these ‘water based ‘ essential oils don’t bring any benefits at all.

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