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Amazing! Lavender Essential Oil Can be Used in So Many Ways

Amazing! Lavender Essential Oil Can be Used in So Many Ways

It’s hard to imagine that lavender essential oil is so versatile! The most important essential oil for beginners to try is lavender while aromatherapy enthusiasts will definitely need lavender as well. However, did you really know the full power of a bottle of lavender oil? I believe after reading this article, you will definitely know more.

Application Scenario: Dressing table

The effectiveness of lavender essential oils in beauty and skin care is well-known. It is suitable for treating skin problems. Its fresh and charming scent is suitable for blending with skin care products such as creams, as long as the concentration of 1% to 2% is sufficient. Usually add no more than 40 drops of lavender essential oil to 100g of lotion or cream, and stir completely. For sensitive skin, reduce the amount of essential oils added, and perform a small area test before use.

Lavender is one of the most useful oils for treating acne. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria, avoid skin infections, soothe the skin and balance the excessive secretion of oil (a hotbed to eliminate bacteria breeding).

Best of all, lavender essential oils not only help to treat acne, but also deal with the main remaining problem of acne-prone skin-dilute acne marks. Lavender oil is most suitable for reddish acne marks, which is the problem of acne marks left within 3 months after acne. Use a concentration of about 2%.

It also has sedative, soothing and anti-depressant functions. Especially when dealing with physiological conditions such as eczema, you can also adjust your mood more deeply, which is usually the real cause of physiological diseases.

Application scenario: Kitchen

Lavender oil can be used as an air freshener in the kitchen. Essential oils purify the air, not just covering the bad smell. Another great advantage is that they are completely harmless if used properly.

Just drop it on the kitchen linen and let it slowly evaporate. It can also be dripped on paper towels and cotton pads and placed in places where the kitchen is prone to odor. But beware of pets and children eating essential oils by mistake.

Lavender oil can also be used for kitchen disinfection. Add 4 drops of pure essential oil in 500ml of water, stir well, and then use it as the final rinse water.

Add 2 drops of pure essential oil to 150ml of water and store in a glass bottle hidding from light. You can use this bottle of aromatic antibacterial liquid to scrub kitchen utensils.

If you are accustomed to cleaning dishes with detergents, you can also use essential oils to improve their effectiveness referring to the following formula:

Add to a 500ml bottle of detergent: 5 drops of lemon + 3 drops of bergamot + 2 drops of lavender + 1 drop of sweet orange

Mix well and shake it well before each use.

In addition, housework in the kitchen can easily be injured. We may be scalded by the hot oil spilled or accidentally cut fingers. At this time, the essential oil can also play a role. Lavender essential oil has bactericidal and analgesic effects, and is suitable for treating burns and various wounds. It can also promote wound healing and avoid leaving scars. Just apply a drop of pure lavender oil directly to the area (avoid the eyes). Remember to go to the hospital for severe burns and cuts.

Application scenario: living room

Lavender oil is an analgesic, disinfectant and bactericidal, and is very suitable for treating colds, coughs, nasal and mucositis, sinusitis and influenza.

The most effective way is to use incense or sniff directly.

Lavender oil soothes, eliminates congestion, and suppresses bacteria that may cause secondary infections, avoiding nasal throat mucositis and sinusitis caused by colds.

During colds, it often affects sleep due to headaches and nasal congestion. Lavender also has a soothing effect. Smelling its scent before going to bed can improve sleep quality. After all, rest enough during a cold can help recovery.

In addition, apply a small amount of pure lavender essential oil to the throat area and gently massage it to reduce itching and coughing. No longer worry about being unable to fall asleep because of repeated coughs.

Application scenario: office

Facing the computer all day, do you often have headaches and stress? Massaging your temples with lavender oil can relieve some headaches.

If the effect is not obvious, apply cold lavender oil on the forehead or neck.

Lavender oil also has a very important function: it relieves muscle soreness. We face the computer every day. The muscles of the shoulder and neck are under great pressure, and it is easy to be sore all day. Massage the shoulder and back with lavender oil diluted 3-5%. The concentration of 3-5% means that 6-10 drops of pure essential oil are added to 10ml of base oil.

Of course, you can also mix with other essential oils. The efficacy of lavender essential oils after mixing other essential oils will be improved, and the efficacy of other essential oils will be greatly improved by the influence of lavender essential oils.

If no one can massage you, bathing in lavender oil can also reduce muscle pain caused by exercise or overwork.

The method of bathing is to drip the essential oil directly into the bathtub or foot bath and stir well. If you want to dissolve the essential oils better, first drop the essential oils into a spoonful of cow’s milk, honey, sea salt, or red wine, stir well before bathing.

Application scenario: children’s room

Lavender essential oil is a gentle and all-inclusive little guardian, which is also helpful for children, even infants, such as abdominal pain, allergies and infant infections.

20ml sweet almond oil + 3 drops of lavender essential oil. The concentration of this formula is 0.75%, which is very safe. Can be used as baby care oil in most cases, for parent-child care, skin inflammation, diaper rash, etc.

The sweet almond oil mentioned earlier is a base oil commonly used in aromatherapy, and it is also the most suitable skin care oil for infants and young children. It is safer and more effective than commercially available baby oil (mineral oil).

But before using it, you must confirm that your baby has no nut allergies. Babies with nut allergies will be allergic to all nut products.

In addition to skin care oils, adding a drop of lavender oil to bath water can help infants and children fall asleep. However, it must be kept in mind that the essential oil must be diluted (with milk or lotion) before use for infants. The method of dilution is the same as described above.

Because oil and water are incompatible, if there is no dilution step, the essential oil will float on the water surface to form a film. It is usually not a problem for adults, but for infants and young children, it may cause skin irritation. If they accidentally get a little bit of undiluted essential oil on their fingers, they may be unknowingly rubbed into their eyes, causing eye irritation or irritating tears.

Therefore, when bathing your baby with lavender essential oil, you must remember to dilute it first. The diluted lavender essential oil is very safe and beneficial to your baby.

Application scenario: Elders’ home

For the elderly, lavender essential oil also has the function of conditioning myocardium, which is very suitable for treating heart palpitations and other diseases. In addition, it can reduce high blood pressure. However, it is also necessary to carefully check the patients’ diet to make them develop good habits.

Massage and aroma baths (not too hot) are the best treatments for this type of elders. The safe concentration for massaging elders is 1%, which means adding 2 drops of pure essential oil to 10ml of base oil. If your elders have troubles such as itching and peeling of the skin, you may choose sweet almond oil as the base oil.

Application scenario: storage room

It is said that some people will like the taste of camphor balls, anyway, I don’t like it. And the commercially available camphor ball is a completely synthetic chemical component and has nothing to do with natural camphor. Fortunately, lavender essential oil is sufficient for the work of camphor and toilet water.

Hundreds of years ago, lavender’s insect repellent and insecticidal effects were discovered and applied to protect clothing. People put lavender on household linen to avoid infestation by moths and other pests and increase the fragrance of linen.

In modern society, we can use lavender essential oil instead of lavender dried flowers, which will have a more obvious effect and will not stain the clothes. Drop the lavender oil on a cotton ball and put it in the closet.

Application scenario: bedroom

Lavender oil has a balance function, so it can help people with emotional imbalances, including depression or emotional mood swings.

Massage with diluted lavender oil on both sides of the spine can effectively alleviate these symptoms. For example, you can add 6 drops of lavender oil to 10ml of base oil.

Aroma baths with lavender oil are also very beneficial. Not only can it enhance the therapeutic effect of massage, but it is also the most effective and valuable self-treatment method. Lavender bathing can help people who are stressed or anxious, and it works better at night.

Lavender oil is the best choice for treating insomnia caused by physical discomfort, mental stress, anxiety or excessive brain use at night. Aiming at the above problem, it is the best way to take an aromatic bath. A few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief or pillow are also effective. Dropping 1 or 2 drops of essential oil on your child’s pajamas can help your child fall asleep.

If you want to use it with other essential oils

Lavender can be evenly mixed with other essential oils, especially flower essential oils such as geranium, citrus essential oils such as bergamot, and also can be mixed with essential oils such as marjoram and rosemary.

Some people who have never been exposed to aromatherapy may doubt the multiple effects of lavender oil. The multiple effects of lavender essential oils are related to the various chemical components and their complex chemical structures contained in essential oils. The main characteristic of lavender oil is balance and recovery, and this may be why it can relieve so much physical and mental discomfort.

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