Nebulizer vs Ultrasonic Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are great for the home, office, or any other space for the matter. Evaporating essential oils help to purify the surrounding air, reduce dust and allergens, boosts the mood, and creates an aromatic and therapeutic environment that makes a difference for one’s health and well-being. Those of you that have an essential …

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What’s the diffuser and its types?

A Diffuser is any device which allows a liquid to evaporate thereby putting a scent into the surrounding environment. The process of diffusion is typically accomplished in 4 different ways: (1) Heat —by applying heat, either through burning a candle, or by using an electrically heated vaporizer, the increased temperature will cause the essential oil …

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4 Simple Steps To Clean Nebulizer

4 Simple Steps To Clean Nebulizing Diffuser If you’re using the nebulizing diffuser daily,  then you should do a regular cleaning weekly. Step 1. Add few mini-liters of rubbing alcohol( isopropyl alcohol, 70-95% purity) into the glass reservoir or glass bottle of modern nebulizers to shake, rinse and then pour out. Can purchase from our store  …

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Which Diffuser is Best for You?

Which aromatherapy diffuser is best for You? This is a question we get asked frequently. And the answer, of course, is “it depends.” The best aromatherapy diffuser for you depends on your planned usage. Nebulizing Diffusers: Zap Germs If you want to saturate the air of a room with your chosen oil or blend the …

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How Does Nebulizer Work?

The nebulising diffuser works by forcing an air current through a narrow micro-tube which increases its velocity. The pressure at the exit point of the narrow micro-tube is subsequently reduced.  Due to the difference in pressure, suction is created. Hence it causes the essential oil in an alternate micro-tube to rise up. Finally, the fast stream of …

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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is derived from the ancient practice of using natural plant essences to promote health and well-being. It consists of the use of pure essential oils obtained from a wide assortment of plants, which have been steam distilled or cold-pressed from flowers, fruit, bark, and roots. Aromatherapy can help ease a wide assortment of ailments; …

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How to Clean Essential Oil Diffuser

How to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser Essential oil diffuser comes in many types and shapes. This one here is the ultrasonic diffuser which use water to diffuse essential oil rather than the nebulizer which diffuses essential oil directly. Essential oil diffuser break down the essential oils so that the aroma can be dispersed throughout the …

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